On Tuesday morning, in the Chiabrera theatre of Savona, we watched the show "Grease"

grease 6

The director Daryl Branch, inspired by the famous and homonymous movie starring John Travolta, enriched the show with freshness and novelty.
The choreographies combined elements of present-day musicals with the rock'n'roll from the fifties.
The main characters sang live on stage, conveying emotions and literally making us dancing on the seats.
The study of details, combined with the accurate lighting and the colorful special effects, entertained us for one hour and half and surrounded us with the fifties feisty atmosphere.
The show was played by 8 young actors (20-25 years old), excellently identified with the characters.
The performance, entirely in English, involved us in the american musical genre. The cues weren't always easily intelligible, even so the understanding difficulties were overcome due to an expressive acting.

grease 2 grease 4

In the end of the show, the actors answered to the students' questions, satisfying our curiosity about the performance and conveying all their passion for theatre and acting.

grease 3

by Sergio Kozac, Bruno Hasani, Andrea Cornaglia

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